ELITE eye chart dongle kit
ELITE eye chart dongle kit can connect with any of your TV or PC monitor as a display.
Perfect Match!

Elite is a complete innovative idea and solution to the vision testing, and changes the way the vision chart used to be defined.

All of the software are built into the USB size drive with a wide array of different charts and multiple functions. Just simply plug it into any monitor via HDMI cable, then you will have a fully functional and versatile acuity chart, with the monitor size at your own preference.

Slit Lamp Imaging Module
Compatible with 90% Slit lamp
both  H.S and Zeiss style
* The slit lamp imaging module comes with background illumination as standard 

This Prime digital system is a complete image capture and management system, which is developed to be compatible with the majority brand slit lamps to bring out the best imaging to the doctors and make the diagnostic examination much more accurate and ease of use.

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