Visual Acuity Chart Panel

Configured With 21.5" monitor, the VC-100 vision chart provides you what you need and expect from a computer vision testing system.

It has a wide array of different optotype charts such as the regular test charts like E charts, C charts, numbers, alphabets, and children charts etc.

Added with blue tooth function, you can use your phone to control the unit and show up the charts simultaneously.

1.working distance: 2-6.5meters with incremental value of 0.1 meter;

2.color blind test available;

3.21.5" high resolution screen display;

4.user friendly setting interface to customize the language, working distance, R/G test; brightness adjustment; mirror function, standby time etc.

5.2 sets programmable optotype charts available

6.randomized charts available to avoid the memorization for accurate testing;

7.update via USB is available