Refraction Unit Model:CT-900

  • The HD-100 Instrument Stand combines comfort, functionality and design in a compact unit that is affordably priced.
  • Available in right or left-hand versions, the HD-100 allows the use of two instruments on a sliding table that swivels out of the way for easy patient access.
  • The unit can be completed with a trial lens drawer. Its modern design and color combination blends seamlessly with any examination room decor.
  • The small foot print of the HD-100 permits installing in areas with limited space and its intuitive control panel provides complete control of the chair functions, room lights, instrument switching and other features.
  • The HD-100 can be combined with a standard ophthalmic chair with fixed back ( ) or a fully reclinable version ( ). Both chairs have an extended elevation stroke with smooth and quiet movement.
  • The dedicated phoropter arm is available with a mechanical lock ( ) or with counter balanced mechanism ( ), providing a variety of configurations for the modern practice.

Color Selectable Ambient Light

  • The HD-100 incorporates an innovative lighting system combining fluorescent lamps and LED lighting in different colors.
  • The soft LED source provides a pleasant ambient light and reduces the contrast of the surrounding lighting conditions.
  • The color and brightness can be selected with a dedicated remote controller.

Control panel

  • The HD-100 intuitive control panel is illuminated for enhanced visibility in dark environments and has several functions:
  • | Chair elevation control
  • | Switching on/off the unit including all installed instruments
  • | Switching on/off the room illumination light (dimmable from 0% - 100%)
  • | Switching on/off the ambient LED lighting system

Room illumination light

  • The HD-100 includes a 24V LED illumination light at the top of the column. This light can be adjusted from the control panel (dimmable from 0% - 100%) and illuminates the room according to the type of examination being performed.

Safety stopper

  • The HD-100 has a safety mechanism located under the table top that automatically stops the chair elevation if it comes in contact with the patient’s leg.

Energy saving modus

  • When no activity of the unit is registered for a specific number of hours, the unit will shut down completely, including all connected instruments saving electricity and prolonging instrument life.

Clean cable management

  • Clean and neat cable management keeps the HD-100 uncluttered and organized. All cabling from the instruments is concealed by the table top cable management system.

HD-100 Configurations

  • The innovative HD-100 is available in right-hand or left-hand versions. The unit features a swivel table top that accommodates two instruments. The table top is fingerprint proof, easy to clean and scratch resistant.
  • An optional trial lens drawer and a mounting bracket for the Vision Tester are also available for added convenience.

Reading light

  • An optional LED reading light can be connected to the column of the HD-100.
  • The reading light has a flexible arm which easily aims the beam to the correct position.
  • The color of the light is warm white for added comfort during near vision exams.
  • Mechanical Parameters
  • Up/Down angle of swing arm:±30º
  • Table size: 840mm x 405mm(standard configuration), 670mm x 405mm(optional small tabletop)
  • Table rotational angle:90º
  • Table sliding movement range:330mm
  • Angle of rotation of chair:±60º
  • Chair height adjustment range:460-600mm
  • Loading for chair:150kgs
  • Lifting height for pillow:≤150mm
  • Backrest obliquity:90º-135º

Electrical Parameters

  • Input voltage:110V/120V AC 50Hz/60Hz
  • Engine power:55W 220V AC
  • Light luminary:16W 110V/220V AV
  • Fuse:5A 130/250V AC
  • No load power:1W
  • Pressure test:2KV
  • Working mode:S1
  • Main wire:10A 250V
  • Working temperature:-10ºC+40ºC
  • Relative humidity:less than 90%

Installation Dimension

  • Figure size:1500mm x 1000mm x 1990mm
  • Weight:175kgs