Refraction unit : Titan

  • Aperfect working platform integrated with electrical elevation chair and rotary table top;
  • Manually adjustable phoropter arm in vertical direction to fit different individual needs.
  • Sliding table to move the auto refractometer easily left and right to align the best exam position with the patient.
  • Integrated control paneland the trial lens drawer is perfectly arranged within the hand's reach for easy operation.
  • The Titan is equipped with a safety-stop mechanism called "emergency brake lever" which guarantees patients safety when operating the elevation of tabletop or chair.
  • Size of table top: 1000mmx520mm(39.4"x20.5")
  • Elevation range of chair: 520-670mm(20.5"-26.4")
  • Rotation degree of table: 0-90º
  • Trial lens Drawer size: 590x380x60mm(23.2"x14.9"x2.4")
  • Phoropter arm vertical swing degree: 25º
  • Lamp Power: 9W/220 LED
  • Power supply: 220V/50HZ or 110V/60HZ
  • Fuses: 6A 250V AC
  • Input power: 220W
  • Net Weight: 155kg(341LB)
  • Table: 105kg(231LB);
  • Chair: 50kg(110LB