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Want to wholesale ophthalmic equipment onboard? This ultimate solution guide would help you everything about wholesaling ophthalmic equipment.

Hongdee as a professional manuafacturer in China, we have been dedicated to making high end ophthalmic instrument tables and refraction units for 15 years, with rich experience in doing OEM for well-known manufacturers in ophthalmology industry. So far, our instrument tables and refraction units have been exported to over 65 countries. All of our tables are CE certified and FDA listed to guarantee high quality. We look forward to establishing cooperation with those distributors who have been dealing with ophthalmic equipment and optometric equipment.

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Estimated manufacturing and shipping times

The whole process of manufacturing ophthalmic products

Basics of wholesale ophthalmic equipment

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We are a company that values partner' satisfaction. We always aim at producing and delivering quality ophthalmic equipment that meet all customers' needs.

With 16 years of experience, Hongdee is well versed in ophthalmology field. Yes, you are dealing with masters. You can trust us with your needs and expectations.

Need proof? Why don’t you contact us and we can schedule a zoom inspection session for you. If you leave your email address, our professional salesman will book a 1-to-1 ZOOM meeting for you according to your local time. We will take you to visit our production workshop and sample room, so that you can have a real experience!

    Here is a brief introduction of our company as below:
  • Deal with ophthalmology ( for over 15 years;

  • Established distribution network in around 65 countries and regions worldwide;

  • All products are CE certified and FDA listed to guarantee the quality.

  • Well experienced in doing OEM for the major brand manufacturers on the ophthalmic instrument tables.

  • Lead time normally within 1 week to guarantee fast shipping.

  • Efficient and professional sales team to provide timely response within 24 hours;

Estimated manufacturing and shipping times

We work fast. With the increasing number of customers approaching us, we have no other option but to prioritize speed. Let’s look at the whole process of manufacturing and shipping:

Design and manufacturing time
We purchase and process raw materials in the workshop. We assemble them into complete equipment the manufacturing process.
Packing and boxing all products time
The staff packs the products in cartons. They take a short time because it is an easy task.
Custom clearance and loading time
The staff load the products onto Hongdee vans, and once cleared, drivers then transport them to various dispatch points.
Sea and land transportation time
Once the products arrive at their destination, you will receive an alert and our sales colleague will inform you in advance. You can plan how to collect your shipped goods.

The whole process of manufacturing ophthalmic equipment

This is what we do when it comes to making ophthalmic equipment:

  • Laser Cutting

    Use a laser cutting machine to cut raw materials

  • Polishing

    Polish the edges and corners of the material to make them smooth

  • Bending

    In order to accurately configure the components, the step of bending is necessary

  • Spray Painting

    Spray different colors of toner evenly on the shell

  • Assembling

    Assemble the parts completely to make them a finished product

  • Load test

    Quality inspection is necessary before leaving the factory

  • Withstand Voltage Test

    Qualified voltage test is also a necessary test item

  • Packaging

    Workers uniformly pack

Things you Need to Know

To save you from worries, some facts you need to know about us:

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Have a look at how some of our clients perceive our goods and services:



Ceo & Founder

14 Years dealing with international trade in terms of ophthalmology, optometry and low vision industry; Skilled in business development and established distribution network in around 60 countries; Experienced in doing OEM project in ophthalmic equipment and low vision aids.


Sales manager

Over 13 years' experience in ophthalmology, optometry & Vision assistive equipment business Est 2006; Attention to details and patience with each customer has led to establishing cooperation with distributors in 16 countries; Good at marketing and CRM. fast response to any enquiries within 24 hours.


Sales manager

13 years’ experience in managing international business, especially ophthalmic equipment and low vision products. Strong responsibility and sound reputation to build long term cooperation with ophthalmology instrument distributors in Europe and USA. Professional knowledge on the market and technology of ophthalmology equipment and low vision aids.


Sales manager

Dedicated to customer service worldwide for 3 years, which makes me realize deeply Listening is more important than speaking sometimes; Engaged in foreign trade and exporting for 8 years, experienced in providing professional solutions to the customers; Proficient in communications with all kinds of customers worldwide since 2013.


Sales manage

In charge of selling ophthalmic equipment and low vision equipment, quick respond to customers' needs; Establish distribution channel through Alibaba, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. Active in social media and product demonstration live stream; Graduated with Business English major, skilled in communication and negotiation.