• 1. 9" touch screen control panel for easy operation.
  • 2. Fully automated measurement for R/L eye test; only one touch on the screen to do the whole measurement.
  • 3. 360 degree rotatable control panel fit for installation in different eye exam room configuration.
  • 4. Rotary prism technology guarantees accuracy of test result.
  • 5. Adoption of the Cortex M7 chips increases the measurement efficiency, faster algorithm, captures the eye instantly, very useful to do the test for the patient with nystagmus.
  • 6. Automatic print after test and automatic paper cutting.
  • 7. Automatic self-checking after power on to make sure everything works fine before test.
  • 8. Auto focus, auto eye tracking, auto measurement, and motorized chin rest.
  • 9. Automatic restoration to original position for packing.
Measurement Mode
  • K/R mode:Diopter and corneal curvature measurements
  • REF mode:Diopter Measurement
  • KRT mode:Corneal curvature measurement
Diopter measurement
  • Vertical distance (VD): 0mm, 12.0mm, 13.75mm, 15.00mm
  • Spherical degree measurement range:-25.00D~+25.00
  • Column mirror measurement range:-10D~+10D
  • Axis measurement range:0°~180°
  • Interpupillary distance measurement range:10mm~85mm
  • Minimum measurement pupil diameter:Ø2.0mm
  • Radius of curvature measurement range:5mm~10mm
Corneal measurement
  • Direction of corneal Astigmatic axis:0° ~ 180°
  • Corneal diameter:2.0mm ~ 12mm
Product specifications
  • Display:9" Touch LCD monitor
  • Printer:Import thermal printer
  • Power saving mode:1/5/10/40 minutes no operation
  • Power supply:AC220V;50Hz 75VA
  • Size/Weight:300(W)*450(D)*500-530(H)mm/20kg
  • Chart:Automatic fogging method