Eye Chart Dongle : Elite

Elite is a complete innovative idea and solution to the vision testing and changes the way the vision chart used to be defined.

All of the software are built into the USB size drive with a wide array of different charts and multiple functions. Just simply plug it into any monitor via HDMI cable, then you will have a fully functional and versatile acuity chart, with the monitor size at your own preference.

  • Fluorescent remote, making it easier to recognize the buttons to do the test in the dark environment;
  • 2.4G RF remote control, no need to point or aim the monitor; random control becomes possible;
  • HDMI and VGA connection available (VGA cable adaptor is optional)
  • 5G storage space available, storage of pictures; videos, audio etc at your own disposal;
  • Intelligent and simple calibration to adapt to any size monitor very conveniently and easily;
  • Continuously adjusted working distance from 1 meter to 7 meters;
  • Random sequencing of the optotypes;
  • Mirror function available;
  • Wireless upgrade;
  • Imperial and Metric standard available;