Slit lamp imaging module : Phonto

Model: Phonto

Phonto is an innovative digital slit lamp imaging module that fully utilizes the phones as the camera to make the video processing and image editing a lot easier and convenient than ever before.
It works with Android phones and iPhones. Any phone can become a slit lamp imaging processing module.

  • Designed to work with different Operating system Works for both Apple and Android smart phones
  • Compatible with the majority brand slit lamps Unique mechanical design makes it perfectly adapted to the majority brand slit lamp available in the market
  • Easy installation
    Just install it onto the binocular head of slit lamp, and then attach your iphone onto the Phonto, it is ready to use.
  • Bluetoothcapture.
    The most popular solution in application, no interference, real timefast reaction, and precise paring.
  • No PC needed. Due to the utilization of the phone, no need to install software onto computers anymore. Save you a lot of work.
  • Export.
    Pictures, videos, and professional report.Anything you needis built in there.
  • app download is simple
    Specially designed App and APK are available for download from the store for free.

Below is a list of the slit lamp models that Phonto is compatible with:

  • Haag Streit: BQ-900
  • Marco: Ultra G5 (16x)/Ultra G5 Zoom (16x)
  • Keeler: SL-40H (12.5x)
  • Topcon: SL-D2/D4/D4Z/D5 (12.5x); SL-5D (12.5x)/6E (12.5x)
  • Zeiss: 30 SL (12.5x/10x); SL-130 (12.5x/10x); SL-160 (12.5x/10x)
  • Reichert: Xcel-255 (12.5x); Xcel-200/250/400/700 (12.5x)
  • Nidek: SL-1600 (10x/16x); SL-1800 (12.5x)
  • Inami: Classicus L-0179 (15x); Classicus L-0179 Z (15x); Classicus L-0219 (12.5x);L-0187 (15x); L-0189 (12.5x); L-0229 (12.5x); L-0240 (15x); SL-0229-E (12.5x)
  • Huvitz: HS-5000 (12.5x)/HIS-5000 (12.5x)
  • Takagi: SM-70 (16x); SM-90 (12.5x)
  • CSO: SL-980 (12.5x); SL-990
  • Shin Nippon:SL-203
  • Tomey:TSL-3000 (15x)
  • Rondenstock:RO-3000 (12.5x); RO-4000 (12.5x); RO-5000 (16x); RO-2000(10x)
  • Woodlyn:HR3 (15x); HR5 (12.5x)
  • Burton:860(15x)
  • Nikon:FS-3 (12.5x); FS-2 (12.5x)
  • Righton:RS-1000 (12.5x)
  • Suzhou 66 vision:YZ5S (12.5x); YZ5F1 (12.5x); YZ5G (12.5x); YZ5X1 (12.5x)
  • Mediworks:S350S (12.5x); S350C (12.5x); S350 (12.5x); S360 (12.5x); S360S (12.5x)