Manual Lensmeter : Swan pro

Swan manual lensmeter is a very compact and stylish manual lens measurement device with a full 90 degree inclination, which facilitates the operation of measuring the lens particularly in vertical direction.

The Swan Pro manual lensmeter has the external power and axis reading, halogen illumination,(LED illumination is optional) AC operation as standard configuration. It also has the prism compensator as an option to meet different needs. It covers the measurement of the lens from 30mm to 90mm in diameter. It is an ideal devices for the lab and office use.

  • Range of diopter measurement: from 0D ±o ±20D?
  • Minimum scale value: 0.125D at 0D to ±5D, 0.25 at ±5D to ± 20D
  • Astigmatism axis of cylindrical lens: 0 to 180º, minimum scale value 5º
  • Prism base angle: 0 to 180º, minimum scale value 5º
  • Regulation of ocular visibility: ±5D?
  • Size of lens: 30MM to 90MM?
  • Overall dimensions of device: 46*17*24 (CM)?
  • Weight: 7.35KGS?
  • Lighting lamp: 220V 25W/110V 25W