Auto perimeter : AP-100

The AP-100 visual field analyzer/ auto perimeter is a perfect ophthalmic diagnostic equipment for any one who wants to conduct the visual field test for the sake of evaluation on the overall vision loss situation correlated with different eye diseases particularly glaucoma.

The AP-100 auto perimeter performs the standard white on white threshold testing in full compliance with Goldman standard, which makes it possible to do standard central and peripheral visual fields with minimum test duration, With its rich built-in features, the AP-100 is easy-to-use and delivers the test results you can rely on.

  • The easy to set-up overall design combined with automated/manual eye alignment reduces the test time by leaps and bounds.
  • Modulized design of mechanical and structure for easy maintenance and parts replacement
  • Intuitive and straightforward touch screen interface facilitates the operation by simply inputting patient's name, gender and age, it will be ready for testing.
  • built-in Voice prompts and voice tutorial function tremendously increase the operator's working efficiency and reduce the workload, meanwhile, effectively guide the patients to follow the procedure during the test.
  • A wide array of testing options up to 22 programs cover the majority of different eye disease related with vision field.
  • The latest software featuring in false-negative count, false-positive count, together with fixation loss rate helps doctors to better determine accuracy of the testing hence improves the reliability of the testing results.
  • Besides the regular monocular report, with the advanced testing strategy and algorithm, the software can deliver comprehensive binocular report to enable doctors to do the comparison of both eyes test results therefore to come out with a better overall evaluation to the patients.




DB Value Range displayed


Stimulus Intensity Range


Stimulus Size

Goldmann III

Stimulus Color


Stimulus Duration Time

200ms/ Adaptive

Max Measurement range


Test Distance


Test Mode


Stimulus quantity

456 points

Stimulus Plane

Aspherical surface

Background Illumination

White31.5 asb( 10cd/m2 )

Customize test program 


Auto eye recognition


Blind zone range test


Stimulus Source


Chinrest Control

Touch Screen,Keyboard and mouse control,Button control

Head Movement

Chinrest and forehead-rest move simultaneously 


PC Configuration

CPU:1.6 GHz; RAM: 4 GB; 

Hard disk: 120 GB;

Operation system: Windows 10;

LCD:14 " Capacitive Touch screen;

Networking: Ethernet & WIFI;


480mm(L)*430mm(W)*528mm(H), 14kgs


550mm(L)*480mm(W)*640mm(H), 19kgs



Input Voltage:AC 100 - 240V,50 ~ 60Hz