AL-100 auto lensmeter features:

1. Automatic identification of lens type support for automatic judgment of lens type.

A lens that recognizes a single light or a progressive multi-focal mirror.

2. Green LD light source

There is no need to set abbe coefficient compensation when measuring different refractive index mirror E chip, so the operation is simple.

3. Hartmann method: optical system for multi-point area measurement,not less than 80 spot sampling.

4. Equipped with a T-inch full HD capacitor, a touch screen go degrees rotating design showing excellent image quality.

5. Unique multi-core parallel processing system,the whole process computation time is less than 50ms.

6. Powerful data processing core that supports accurate measurement of low dispersion or low transmittance lenses.

7. Support for measurement of pupli distance and built in thermal printer.

8. Product size(W)212mm*(D)192mm*(H)315mm

9. Package size:(W)470mm*(D)370mm*(H)345mm

10. G.W: 4.3kg; N.W:6.6kg


1. Spherical power (spectacle lens): —25 m-1--+25 m-1

2. Cylindrical power: —9.99 m-1--+9.99 m-1

3. Progressive ADD power: —9.99 m-1--+9.99 m-1

4. Spherical power (contact lens): —20 m-1--+20 m-1

5. Vertex power step measurement: 0.01 m-1,0.06 m-1,0.12 m-1,0.25 m-1

6. Cylindrical lens astigmatism axis angle measurement scope: 0º--180º , step 1º

7. Prism base angle measurement scope: 0º--360º step 1º

8. Prism degree measurement scope: horizontal 0--20△, step 0.01△; Vertical 0--20△, step 0.01△

9. Measurable lens diameter: ɸ10mm--ɸ100mm

10. Measurable lens center thickness: ≤20mm

11. Lens PD measurement scope: 40mm--82mm step 0.25mm

12. Lens PH difference△PH measurement scope: 0mm--50mm , step 0.25mm

13. Measurable lens frame leg length: 0mm--160mm

14. Measurable anti-uv transmittance rate : 0--100% step 1%

15. Main engine power supply: direct current12V, 45W

16. Power adapter : input AC 100V-240V,50HZ-60HZ ; output AC 100V-240V,50HZ-60HZ

17. Body size: 315*192*212mm

18. Weight : 4.3 Kg

19. Screen: 800x480 color screen, full screen touchable

20. Printer: thermal printing, printing paper width 57mm

21. External connector;power connector, USB connector