What is the name of the equipment used for checking the eyes?

Posted by Admin / 23 August, 2022 /

On 9th, May, 2022, we exported slit lamp equipment to a doctor in Australia. He would like to order slit lamp equipment to make the eye exam checking. And, he prefer to cooperating with slit lamp manufacturer with professional service and competitive price. On 15th, April, 2022, he visited our official website via Google chrome browser and sent a formal inquiry by e-mail.


According to his requirements, we chose Aupha series slit lamp equipment, a new slit lamp series with LED illumination, which is comfortable for doctors and patients.


More optical equipment used for checking the eyes, such as: slit lamp; manual refractor,phoropter; fundus camera,portable retinal camera; auto perimeter, visual field analyzer; portable auto refractometer; manual lensmeter, and so on. We are a optical manufacturer in China, rooting in the industry for 15 years, first tier for doctor.


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