Ophthalmology Eye Equipment List and Price

Posted by Admin / 05 September, 2022 /

What Optical Equipment Used In The Eye Test?


A complete list of eye exam equipment can be used as below:



Firstly, Ophthalmic device equipment


--Slit lamp

--Rebound tonometer

--Auto perimeter

--Portable fundus camera

--Non contact tonometer/Rebound tonometer





Secondly, optometry equipment for eye exam:


--Manual lensmeter

--Vision chart

--Automatic lensmeter

--Manual phoropter

--Auto refractometer made in china

--Trail lens set

--Trail frame





Thirdly, optometry chair and stand, which is ophthalmic refraction unit and motorized table.




Finally, low vision aids, which have mobility cane for the blind, glass magnifier and 3" 5" 7" handheld video magnifier.




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Who Is Ophthalmic Products Manufacturers?


Beijing Hongdee Corporation is a ODM OEM professional ophthalmology manufacturers in China, rooting in the industry for 15 years, focusing on producing ophthalmic device, optometry equipment, and optometry chair and stand.




Hongdee Corporation established excellent International Trade Department and perfect production workshop, raw material procurement, QC, logistic and transportation, and after-sale service system. At the same time, we are making OEM for some famous brand, with rich experience for OEM ophthalmic equipment. Total 33 agencies all over the world now. CE, ISO, FDA certificates are approval.






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How To Know Ophthalmology Equipment Price List for Sale?


As you see, a large number of ophthalmology equipment and optometry equipment for sale in Beijing Hongdee Corporation. Also, we have a ophthalmic device price list to share. Therefore, email or call directly to get best price.


The ophthalmic optometry equipment price list includes applanation tonometer price, automatic lensmeter price, slitlamp price, lensometer price, tonometer price, phoropter price, slit lamp price, non contact tonometer price list and optometry chair and stand price for sale, etc.


What Benefits You Will Gain?


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