PD meter : PD-100

  • Featuring consecutive measurement, direct point-sampling and high accuracy of orientation, with mechanical hairspring being leveled at the reflecting point of human cornea.
  • Using high-definition line-shaped sensor, advanced intellectualized electronic system and digital display to make testing result more visible, legible and accurate.
  • LED light source and low power consumption guarantee long battery life.
  • +2.00D eyesight compensation
  • Accuracy self-check function
  • VD measurement function
  • Range of measurement? Binocular pupillary distance: 45~82 mm
  • Left or right pupillary distance: 22.5~41 mm
  • Indication error? ≤0.5 mm
  • Rounding error? ≤0.5 mm
  • Distance of target? 30 cm~?
  • Power source? Voltage?DC 3V
  • Specification? 5# AA battery
  • Quantity? 2 pieces
  • Time for automatic shut-off? About 1 minute after stopping operation, or turn it off manually.