Where to buy portable retinal camera?

Posted by Admin / 23 August, 2022 /

Firstly, We will introduce portable retinal camera Model: FC-200


The FC-200 fundus camera or retinal camera is specifically designed for the retinal imaging like pictures and videos. With built in 10 mega pixels camera, it allows you to take highly crystal clear pictures and videos to provide high quality image which makes the diagnosis a lot faster and easier than ever before.


The light weight and compact design weighing less than 500g(19.68oz) makes it easy to carry with you anywhere to perform the exam fundus screening very conveniently.


Secondly, portable retinal camera features:

1. 10 MP built in camera to guarantee incredible image clarity and sharpness

2. Field of view up to 50 degrees to ensure faster and easier diagnosis.

3. Auto focus and image capture to take a picture with a single button for easy operation.

4. 4.7" touch screen offers ease of use in exam;

5. Wifi and blue tooth allows for quick transfer for the images and videos.

6. 3500Mah rechargeable lithium battery provides more than 8 hours continuous operation without interruption.


Finally, Where to buy portable retinal camera?

Beijing Hongdee Corporation is a retinal camera or fundus camera manufacturer, rooting in the refurbished ophthalmic equipment for 15 years. Contact us by e-mail, we will send formal quotation if you would like to buy portable retinal camera.


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