How does autorefractor works?

Posted by Admin / 23 August, 2022 /

Portable auto refractometer is one optometry equipment that measuring the patient's eyes with unique optical system inside, accurate imaging analyzing and processing. Portable auto refractometer mainly measure the patient's diopter, including sphere power, cylinder power, optical axis, pupil distance and corneal curvature, to provide reference data for eyes' treating and eyeglasses choice. Auto refractometer keratometer will directly print out the data to display on screen or printed out on paper.



Portable auto refractometer features:

1. 5.7" screen display

2. Switch between manual capture and auto capture is available

3. IOL measurement is available

4. Rotary prism technology guarantees accuracy of test result

5. Highly reliable, failure rate is less than 0.5%

6. Automatic paper cutting

7. Auto focus, auto eye tracking


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