Best Digital Auto Lensometer Price for Sale

Posted by Admin / 30 August, 2022 /

Beijing Hongdee Corporation manufactures three digital auto lensometer types, including penguin pro auto lensometer, Koala auto lensometer and AL-100 lensometer. Penguin pro is the best auto lensometer, getting wonderful review from our customers or distributors. Also, manual lensometer is one of our main optometric equipment. Now, I will make comprehensive details for digital auto lensometer types from Beijing Hongdee Corporation. You will know better for Penguin pro auto lensmeter.


First, Penguin Pro Auto Lensometer. Penguin Pro auto lensmeter is similar to a Japan Famous brand, however, some differences we made.


1. Besides the UV and blue ray measurement, Penguin pro adds visible light measurement at the wave length of 525nm.


2. Blue tooth connection: App is available for android phones, measurement result can be viewed through phone directly





Second, features of Penguin Pro digital auto lensometer:


  • 1. Fully graphic vertical 5.6" capacitor screen for easy operation and visibility.  
  • 2. Wide range of measurement for spherical lens from -40D--+25D;  
  • 3. UV, Blue ray and visible light transmittance measurement available.  
  • 4. Screen color can be changed into high contrast color mode black or white depending on the marking color for greater visibility, very useful to measure the dark color lens.  
  • 5. Hartman sensor equipped to be able to measure a wide variety of lens.  
  • 6. Built in automatic calibration program can automatically calibrate the fine errors during the measurement.  
  • 7. Blue tooth available enables the data and readings to be viewed through the smart phone.  
  • 8. It comes with RS-232C port and USB ports as standard. data transfer and software upgrade becomes a lot easier than ever before.  


Third, Penguin pro auto lensmeter specification:


(|)Measurement range


  • 1. Sphere: -40.00D-+25.00D  
  • 2. Cylinder: 0-±10.00D  
  • 3. Axis:0º -180º (1º Steps)  
  • 4. ADD: 0-10.00D  
  • 5. Prism: 0-10△  


(||)Minimum measuring value


  • 1. Diopter: 0.01/0.12/0.25D  
  • 2. Prism: 0.01/0.12/0.25△  


(|||)Other Information


  • 1. Cylinder: +/±/-  
  • 2.Prism: X -- Y/P -- B  
  • 3. Measure speed: 0.05S  
  • 4. Light source wavelength: 525nm  
  • 5. UV Wavelength: 400nm  
  • 6. Blue light wavelength: 425nm  
  • 7.Lens diameter: 18--100nm  
  • 8.Display:480*640 True color capacitor touch  
  • 9. Printer: Thermal Printer  
  • 10.Data connection:RS232,Blue BLE,SPP  
  • 11.Size: 244(L)*192(W)*409(H)mm  
  • 12.Weight: 3.67Kg  
  • 13.Power supply: 110V-240V 50Hz-60Hz  
  • 14.Power: 5V 6A