• Accurate measurement of the single focal, bi-focal and progressive lens;
  • OR code printing without paper;
  • High resolution true color display screen;
  • User friendly interface for easy operation;
  • Self calibration;


Technical parameters     

Spherical degree:    -25m-1~+25m-1

Cylindrical degree:    -9.99m-1~+9.99m-1

Under plus degree:    -9.99m-1~+9.99m-1

Axis for astigmatism:    0°~180°

Prism basal angle:    0°~360°

Prism degree:    Horizontal direction 15Δ , vertical direction 20Δ

Lens size:    Ø7~110mm

Lens thickness:    ≤20mm

UV transmissivity:    Yes

Range of PD:    30~100mm

Range of PH:    4~55mm

Power:    220V  25VA

Power adapter:    AC110~220V

Size:    203mmX240mmX480mm



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