The swiveling equipment holder is specifically designed to seat the auto refractometer, and auto phoropter control board for easy use.

Auto elevation linear phoropter arm,

The swiveling table, trial lens set holder and the control panel are clearly arranged within easy reach


The Titan is equipped with a safety-stop mechanism called “emergency brake lever” which guarantees patients safety when operating the elevation of

tabletop or chair.




  • Size of table top: 1130*520mm(44.5”x20.5”)
  • Elevation range of table: 680-880mm (26.8”-34.6”)
  • Elevation range of chair: 520-670mm (20.5”-26.4”)
  • Elevation range of phoropter arm: 1300-1650mm(51.2”-69”)
  • Phoropter Rotation degree :0-90°
  • Table rotation degree: 0-90°
  • Charging port: 2 pcs for ophthalmoscope
  • Top lamp: 9W/220V LED
  • Fuse: 6A 250VAC
  • Rating input voltage: 220V/50HZ or 110V/60HZ
  • Max. Input power:300VA
  • Net weight of whole table: 180kg(396LB)
  • Net weight of Chair: 50kgs(110LB)

Work Table(HD700C)


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