"Torch" is a ultra-portable microscope to allow the individual users to self-observe their iris by taking pictures or record videos by themselves. As a result, it can not only enable the users to be aware of their eyes whenever needed, but also makes the early treatment and intervention possible. Adopted with the Wifi Direct-Link technology, the Iris scope can be easily configured with the portable device such as the phone, tablet which makes it easy to carry around.




Sensor: 1/4” CMOS;

Pixels: 1.3M

Resolution: 1280x1024;  640x480; 320x240

Exposure: Auto Exposure;

White Balance: Auto

Magnification range: 10x-80x;

Object Focus range: 8-300mm;

Light source: 4 LED with adjustable brightness;

Wifi data transfer distance: approx. 5 meters;

Max working temperature: not higher than 60 Celsius

FPS: 10fps-30fps;

Operating system supported: Windows; Mac; IOS & android;

USB cable: USB 2.0

MINI USB cable: 1.2 meters

Iris Microscope


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