*Top lamp:27W head lamp

*Counter-balanced vision tester arm: phoropter can be hanged on it.Height of the arm can be adjusted according to weight of the object hanged.

*Moveable table:Table can rotate through 90 degrees;the refractometer can be laid on the pallet of the table.Protector under the table prevents legs of patients from press.

*Control panel

*Base:Steady foundation of the device.




Range of up/down:520-670mm

Rotate angle of table:0-90o

Box lenses Drawer size:590x380x60mm

Arm vertical adjustment range: ±25o

Size of table top:1000mmx520mm

Net Weight:155kg


Power supply:220-240V

AC Frequency:50Hz

Fuses:6A 250V AC

Input power:220VA

Chair and Stand


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