Slit lampDigitalimaging system

Model: Phonto


Phonto is an innovative digital slit lamp imaging module that fully utilizes the phones as the camera to make the video processing and image editing a lot easier and convenient than ever before.

It works with Android phones and iPhones. Any phone can become a slit lamp imaging processing module.



1.  Designed to work with different Operating system

Works for both Apple and Android smart phones

2.  Compatible with the majority brand slit lamps

Unique mechanical design makes it perfectly adapted to the majority brand slit lamp available in the market

3. Easy installation

Just install it onto the binocular head of slit lamp, and then attach your iphone onto the Phonto, it is ready to use.

4. Bluetoothcapture.

The most popular solution in application, no interference, real timefast reaction, and precise paring.

5. No PC needed. Due to the utilization of the phone, no need to install software onto computers anymore. Save you a lot of work.

7. Export.

Pictures, videos, and professional report.Anything you needis built in there.

8. app download is simple

Specially designed App and APK are available for download from the store for free.



Below is a list of the slit lamp models that Phonto is compatible with:

Haag Streit: BQ-900

Marco: Ultra G5 (16x)/Ultra G5 Zoom (16x)

Keeler: SL-40H (12.5x)

Topcon: SL-D2/D4/D4Z/D5 (12.5x); SL-5D (12.5x)/6E (12.5x)

Zeiss: 30 SL  (12.5x/10x); SL-130 (12.5x/10x); SL-160 (12.5x/10x)

Reichert: Xcel-255 (12.5x); Xcel-200/250/400/700 (12.5x)

Nidek: SL-1600 (10x/16x); SL-1800 (12.5x)

Inami: Classicus L-0179 (15x); Classicus L-0179 Z (15x); Classicus L-0219 (12.5x);L-0187 (15x); L-0189 (12.5x); L-0229 (12.5x); L-0240 (15x); SL-0229-E (12.5x)

Huvitz: HS-5000 (12.5x)/HIS-5000 (12.5x)

Takagi: SM-70 (16x); SM-90 (12.5x)

CSO: SL-980 (12.5x); SL-990

Shin Nippon: SL-203

Tomey: TSL-3000 (15x)

Rondenstock: RO-3000 (12.5x); RO-4000 (12.5x); RO-5000 (16x); RO-2000(10x)

Woodlyn: HR3 (15x); HR5 (12.5x)

Burton:  860(15x)

Nikon: FS-3 (12.5x); FS-2 (12.5x)

Righton:  RS-1000 (12.5x)

Suzhou 66 vision: YZ5S (12.5x); YZ5F1 (12.5x); YZ5G (12.5x); YZ5X1 (12.5x)

Mediworks: S350S (12.5x); S350C (12.5x); S350 (12.5x); S360 (12.5x); S360S (12.5x)

Slit lampDigitalimaging system


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