Digital slit lamp imaging system

This Prime digital slit lamp imaging system is a complete image capture and management system, which is developed to be compatible with the majority brand slit lamps to bring out the best imaging to the doctors and make the diagnostic examination much more accurate and ease of use.


  • connection
  • data transmission with USB 2.0 connector
  • software
  • comparison of multiple sessions
  • report documentation and printing
  • free, touch pad control via infrared.
  • range of compatibility with the different brand slit lamps;


Imaging module:

Image sensor:
1/2.5 inch high speed &HD image sensor

Image resolution:
2592 X1944

Image format:

Video resolution:
 1920 X1080 (Full HD) 25fps

               1280 X720 (HD)

Image capture mode: infrared touchpad joystick, shutter pedal, mouse click, keyboard shortcut button

Exposure mode:
 Auto exposure, auto gain & auto white balance.

Data transmission interface: USB 2.0, wireless (infrared)

Power supply: USB 2.0, 5V/DC


Below is a list of the slit lamp models that Phonto is compatible with:

Haag Streit: BQ-900

Marco: Ultra G5 (16x)/Ultra G5 Zoom (16x)

Keeler: SL-40H (12.5x)

Topcon: SL-D2/D4/D4Z/D5 (12.5x); SL-5D (12.5x)/6E (12.5x)

Zeiss: 30 SL  (12.5x/10x); SL-130 (12.5x/10x); SL-160 (12.5x/10x)

Reichert: Xcel-255 (12.5x); Xcel-200/250/400/700 (12.5x)

Nidek: SL-1600 (10x/16x); SL-1800 (12.5x)

Inami: Classicus L-0179 (15x); Classicus L-0179 Z (15x); Classicus L-0219 (12.5x);L-0187 (15x); L-0189 (12.5x); L-0229 (12.5x); L-0240 (15x); SL-0229-E (12.5x)

Huvitz: HS-5000 (12.5x)/HIS-5000 (12.5x)

Takagi: SM-70 (16x); SM-90 (12.5x)

CSO: SL-980 (12.5x); SL-990

Shin Nippon: SL-203

Tomey: TSL-3000 (15x)

Rondenstock: RO-3000 (12.5x); RO-4000 (12.5x); RO-5000 (16x); RO-2000(10x)

Woodlyn: HR3 (15x); HR5 (12.5x)

Burton:  860(15x)

Nikon: FS-3 (12.5x); FS-2 (12.5x)

Righton:  RS-1000 (12.5x)

Suzhou 66 vision: YZ5S (12.5x); YZ5F1 (12.5x); YZ5G (12.5x); YZ5X1 (12.5x)

Mediworks: S350S (12.5x); S350C (12.5x); S350 (12.5x); S360 (12.5x); S360S (12.5x)


Digital slit lamp imaging system


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