* Most most popular table with beautiful streamline shape design

* Automatic arm:You can adjust the arm smoothly by operating the Control Panel instead of adjusting it manually.

* Refractometer table:The table can be adjusted between operation position and preparation position,which can save space and it is practical and convenient.The protective switch is helpful to protect the device hanged on the arm.

* Toching-type Control panel:The control panel is integrated into the table.It’s convenient to operate and very beautiful.

* Leather guard:The leather guard is very beautiful and the design of leather guard is full of humanness.

* Revolving table : the table can be revolved for convenient use.



Power supply:220V/50Hz


Top lamp:27W

Up/down range of arm:1340~1640mm

Rotation range of arm:0-90 o

Up/down range of chair:520~670mm

Size of drawer:560(W)x380(D)x55(H)

Net weight:host 150kg/Chair 60kg

Chair and Stand


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