Auto Focus/
ISO Auto Exposure
Auto White Balance

Right/Left Eye indicator
Auto Focusing Calibration


Adjustable Aperture
The aperture can be adjusted at 7 different levels to meet different view of depth and brightness demands.


HDMI output:
The HDMI output can be used to connect the slit lamp with monitor. The doctors can share the live eye examination status simultaneously with patient’s family members or students for teaching.


Convenient Patient Management
The patient management system enable doctors to build up and edit patient record, search information by inputting key words. Doctors can easily record symptoms and manage the data 


Functional Image Processing 

Doctors can measure the pathology area with our powerful software tools and change the contrast and brightness of the images. Doctors Can also compare several images at one time to analysis the symptoms and pathology. 


Orthokeratology Treatment Assistance
The doctors can collect and store high resolution fluorescein photos and real time video without recording time limit. Doctors can compare the photos and videos of patients’ wearing different lenses to decide the most suitable lens for each patient. 


Image sensor: 5MPixels, 1/4-inch high-speed high-definition image sensor

Photo resolution: 2592 × 1944


Video resolution : 1280x960 

Frame of video: 25fps

Video formats: MP4 H.264 

Exposure mode : Automatic exposure, Automatic gain

Transmission interface: USB 2.0 High-Speed 480Mbps port 

Module for slit lamp

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