Why Add Slit Lamp Imaging Module Solution Seemingly to Enhance Your Workflow?

Posted by Admin / 30 July, 2021 /

Are you on the verge of getting a seamless practice to run your clinic without any interruption? Well, in order to bring the perfect out of your service, we at Hdomed have come with standard features that will work best and support your workflow.

So, prior to proceeding with this session on the page, you can view our specialist service Slit Lamp Imaging Module software system and experience the modular concept all-around the imaging solution.

For your complete line of ophthalmic equipment, we offer a comprehensive product portfolio from exclusive distributorships, bringing together the trusted brands and offering imprints beyond any level of strategies as opted by makers.

Besides, the ultra-sensitive camera can improve the patient's compatibility to make the findings easier when it comes to exceptional image quality. Using this highly made professional piece of equipment, the practitioners can have depth-of-field control. This helps make ideal adjustments no matter the distraction.

Even the control panel lets both slits lamp and camera functionality go a lot easier and illuminating. These do help focus on the patient. When it comes to the design of the slit lamp, it conforms as an essential element, and in the meanwhile, supports the workflow. So, this way, the capturing is made so accurate and fast.

When you're doing the examination, it gives a lot of confidence even in times when the patient moves or blinks, finally giving a clearer and perfect picture.

Some of the daily practices of the Slit Lamp Imaging Module software system are hereunder:

  • Well structured patient management
  • Efficient image editing
  • Easy image capture
  • Flexible interfaces for network integration (fully networkable and connectivity)

We can also see from the above ideas; one can be reassured to access remotely any number of viewing stations connected to the database.

Even more widely accepted functionality and feature specs of Slit Lamp Imaging Module are:

  • Database included and is free of charge
  • Based on smartphone system and cloud service
  • No interference, real-time fast reaction, or precise paring needed
  • Mechanical design makes it widely adaptable
  • Works for both Android as well and Android
  • Easy to use and assemble
  • This is a portable system, so there's no need for PCs immobility stuck
  • All kinds of videos, images, as well as professional reports, can be export

Exceptional Customer Retention Service

So, here come the Hdomed tech savvies. Would you please get to know that our Slit Lamp Imaging Module products are backed with an advanced level of support? As our team is dedicated to rendering tailored solutions through an IT integration system, we focus on the individual needs of both the patients as well as professionals.

Here Comes the Best-of-all-kind Team!

We boast because of the vast network and service, and since we're dedicated to rendering outstanding covers, we always find a way to go the extra mile for our customers.

Since our business activities have an impact on the environment, sometimes we also work on sustainability and help reduce the use of resources.

Purpose-Built Functionalities

You can easily adhere to exceptional training to allow the delegates to learn from highly qualified specialists and participate in hands-on practical workshops.

The Final Thought!

Have a servicing inquiry? If yes, do connect to our service providers. We offer the opportunity to regular service and ophthalmic equipment and help prolong the life of your device. Further, this carries down to ensure your device performs consistently and reduced downtime.

Finally, we are delighted to go that extra mile...