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Posted by Admin / 11 October, 2021 /

Hongdee Optometry Equipment Manufacturers in China is a professional optical lens and ophthalmic instrument producer and distributor.

Both at home and abroad, we have earned a solid reputation among our consumers and partners. We not only sell our own products, but we also encourage our customers to buy other high-quality items. Hongdee gradually assumed the role of purchaser for our consumers. We assist clients in saving time and performing quality inspections in this manner.

Our formula for success is quality, price, delivery, and service. We save money on raw materials because of our knowledge and decades of business relationships, resulting in a reasonable pricing for our finished products.

Our employees consider the workplace to be their home. They labor with great zeal, allowing our firm to produce a large volume of goods. We have an inspection section that inspects the finished items. We make certain that all items provided to clients meet their specifications. Every customer receives after-sales assistance from us.

Hongdee Optometry Equipment Manufacturers in China follows up on their specific request and commit ourselves to meeting their requirements. Customers aren't just customers; they're also pals. We are continuously thinking about how we might assist our clients in doing more business. Team of Hongdee feels our firm is closer to success when our clients experience significant growth and profit.

Hongdee continues to follow our excellent policies and develop new acquaintances. We truly want to establish long-term business relationships with both domestic and international consumers. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding our company or our goods.

Manual Lensmeter:Swan Pro:

Swan manual lensmeter is a small and elegant manual lens measurement instrument with a complete 90-degree inclination that makes it easier to measure the lens, especially in the vertical direction.

External power and axis reading, halogen lighting with LED illumination is available, and AC operation are all standard features of the Swan Pro manual lensmeter. It also has a prism compensator as an alternative to fulfil a variety of requirements. It is suitable for lenses with a diameter ranging from 30mm to 90mm. It's a great gadget for the lab or the workplace.

Eye Chart Dongle: Elite:

Elite is a completely new concept and solution for vision testing that revolutionizes the way vision charts are established.

All of the software is pre-installed on the USB flash drive, and it includes a variety of charts and features. Simply connect it to any display via HDMI cable, and you'll have a fully functional and adaptable acuity chart with your choice of monitor size.

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