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Nov 27, 2018

CCTVs/Video Magnifiers


A video magnifier, or closed-circuit television (CCTV) system, uses a stand-mounted or handheld video camera to project a magnified image onto a video monitor, a television (TV) screen, or a computer monitor. Cameras with zoom lenses provide variable magnification. In most of these systems, magnification level and focus are set after choosing a comfortable and functional working distance between the camera and the material to be viewed. Some systems use an auto-focus camera. Lower cost video magnifiers often use cameras that have a fixed focus and cannot vary magnification or camera-to-target distance. Most cameras also need their own light source.

Cameras that are mounted on a fixed stand require the reading material to be placed under the camera and moved across and down the page. To make the process of viewing easier, a table that is movable from the top of the page to the bottom and side to side (referred to as an xy table) is used with most stand-mounted cameras. Stand-mounted cameras are particularly effective for handwriting because a hand can fit under the camera.

In contrast to stand-mounted cameras, handheld cameras are designed for bringing the camera to the material to be viewed. They can magnify almost anything within reach, including labels on packages of food and medicine. Handheld cameras are often on rollers, which make them easier to move across a flat working surface. Some manufacturers of video magnifiers that use handheld cameras offer a writing stand as an accessory.

All video magnifiers offer the option of viewing black letters on a white background or white letters on a black background. Controls for contrast and brightness are also standard. Many video magnifiers also provide other special on-screen features and controls including underlining or overlining of text. Some systems work jointly with a computer, offering the option of sharing the computer monitor. Color video magnifiers are useful for reading materials in which color is crucial, such as maps and color photographs. A radical departure in design from conventional video magnifiers is the use of head-mounted displays (HMD). They offer portability and new ways of viewing the display. Being able to capture and save an image is also a new function that has recently become available.

Typically, video magnifiers that use a camera mounted on a fixed stand and xy table are in the $1,800 to $4,000 price range. Lower cost video magnifiers that plug into a TV are in the $400 to $1,000 price range.




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Product NameProduct DescriptionDistributor ContactImage/Multimedia Available?Acrobat Ultra LCDVideo magnifier that features a 3-in-1 camera for seeing one...https://www.enhancedvision.com/low-vision-product-line/acrobat-hd-ultra.htmlMultimediaAmigoHandheld portable magnifier with a 7" high resolution LCD wi...MultimediaAukey Ultra-Portable Video MagnifierPocket-sized, portable video magnifier with a 3.5" wide-scre...Aumax VGAFlexible, portable video magnifier for both near and distanc...Aumed ImageEasy-to-use handheld magnifier with a comfortable grip. May ...Sales@MagnifyingAids.comButterflyPortable handheld pocket video magnifier with 1.5x to 15x ma...Order Butterfly from The Chicago Lighthouse StoreCandyFive-inch LCD high-definition handheld portable video magnif...www.perkinsproducts.org/store/ www.maxiaids.com/CANDY 5 HD IIImageClearview CDesktop video magnifier that comes with a high-definition mo...Order Clearview C from The Chicago Lighthouse StoreClearView+Offers three monitor options—full-color 17" TFT monitor, ful...MultimediaClearview+ HD 22"Video magnifier system that magnifies anything placed under ...ClearView+ Speech HDDesktop video magnifier with integrated OCR and text-to-spee...ClearView+ Speech ModuleDesktop video magnifier that integrates OCR and text-to-spee...https://us.optelec.com/products/cvdptf24sp-optelec-clearview-speech-module.htmlClearView+ Speech True ColorDesktop video magnifier with integrated OCR and text-to-spee...ColorMouseFull-color video magnifier with a magnification of 14x on 20...inquiries@bierleymagnifiers.comImageColorMouse-MacFull color, computer mouse video magnifier that can be plugg...inquiries@bierleymagnifiers.comImageColorMouse-RMFull color, computer mouse video magnifier with variable mag...inquiries@bierleymagnifiers.comImageColorMouse-WinHand-held, full-color mouse-style video magnifier that conne...inquiries@bierleymagnifiers.comImageColorMouse-ZoomFull-color electronic magnifier that can be plugged into a r...ImageCompact 4 HDHandheld dome magnifier with a continuous magnification rang...Order Compact 4 HD from The Chicago Lighthouse StoreCompact 5 HDPortable video magnifier that features continuous zoom with ...MultimediaCompact 7 HDPortable electronic video magnifier that features continuous...https://us.optelec.com/products/comp7hd-optelec-compact-7-hd.htmlMultimediaCompact MiniPocket-sized video magnifier with a 3.5" full color screen w...https://us.optelec.com/products/Compact Touch HDPortable handheld video magnifier with continuous magnificat...https://us.optelec.com/products/Compact+Small, portable video magnifier with continuous magnificatio...https://us.optelec.com/products/Computer Screen Enlarger: 14Screen enlarger that attaches to the top of a standard CRT s...www.independentliving.com; www.lssproducts.com/Crystal XLPortable handheld magnifier with a 4.3" TFT display that inc...www.maxiaids.comDaVinci HDDesktop video magnifier with a 24" high-resolution LCD scree...https://www.enhancedvision.com/low-vision-product-line/davinci-all-in-one-hd-video-magnifier-with-text-to-speech.htmlDaVinci HD/OCRHigh-performance desktop video magnifier, featuring full hig...www.enhancedvision.comDaVinci Pro HDDesktop video magnifier that features a full high-definition...Order DaVinci Pro HD from The Chicago Lighthouse StoreE-Bot ProiPad-compatible, portable, reading, writing and distance vid...Order E-Bot Pro from The Chicago Lighthouse StoreExplore 3Portable handheld video magnifier with 2x to 16x magnificati...http://store.humanware.com/hca/explore-3-handheld-electronic-magnifier.htmlExplore 5Smallest, lightest 5" high-definition handheld electronic vi...Order Explore 5 from The Chicago Lighthouse StoreMultimediaExplore 7Portable, high-definition handheld electronic video magnifie...Order Explore 7 from The Chicago Lighthouse StoreExplorer ClassicDesktop video magnifier with auto-focus and manual-focus cap...www.magnisight.com/Explorer HD 22Flexible desktop magnifier with magnification ranges of 2.5x...Eye-QPortable video magnifier with a 4.2" wide screen LCD screen ...www.enablemart.com/FlickPortable video magnifier for both distance viewing and near ...www.magnifyingchoices.com/storeFusionPortable video magnifier that opens and closes like a laptop...https://www.magnifyingaids.com/Fusion_Video_MagnifierIBIS HDPortable, high-definition video magnifier with average adjus...JordyVideo magnification system consisting of a head-mounted disp...KitchenMouse-ColorFull-color, mouse-style video magnifier with an ultra lightw...inquiries@bierleymagnifiers.comImageKitchenMouse-MDMouse-style video magnifier with an ultra lightweight 12" sc...inquiries@bierleymagnifiers.comImageKitchenMouse-MonoBlack and white, mouse-style video magnifier with an ultra l...inquiries@bierleymagnifiers.comImageLaVoice SoloStandalone scanning device that integrates reading and magni...www.maxiaids.com/Liberty Scholar 2Portable video magnifier with both near and distance viewing...www.magnifyingaids.com/ www.maxiaids.com/ http://www.shop.magnificationresources.com/Looky + Portable Video MagnifierPortable, handheld video magnifier with a 3.5" display scree...www.maxiaids.com/ www.magnifyingaids.com/MaggieLightweight, portable electronic video magnifier with a larg...inquiries@bierleymagnifiers.comImageMagni-CamLightweight, handheld video magnifier that connects to any t...www.synapse-ada.com/Magnifier for LCD Monitor - Widescreen 19Monitor magnifier that fits over most 19" widescreen flat pa...www.lssproducts.com/MagniLink S ComputerThe MagniLink S Computer is ideal for students needing an af...MagniLink S Computer/MonitorVideo magnifier that can be connected to a computer or a mon...Order MagniLink S Computer/Monitor from The Chicago Lighthouse StoreMultimediaMagniLink S MonitorExcellent image quality with this MagniLink S Monitor. Ther...MagniLink S Monitor HDMagniLink S Monitor HD connects to any monitor with HDMI inp...MagniLink S TTS - reads text aloudMagniLink S TTS offers all your favorite features including...Order MagniLink S TTS - reads text aloud from The Chicago Lighthouse StoreMagniLink Student ProfessionalMagniLink Student Professional Features include: HD camera ...MagniLink Vision Text to Speech (TTS)Video magnifier with text-to-speech functionality. Spoken te...Low Vision InternationalMagniLink Zip 17" HD

True, portable video magnifier


Order MagniLink Zip 17" HD from The Chicago Lighthouse StoreMagniLink Zip Premium FHD 13Foldable, portable video magnifier with a 13.3" monitor with...Order MagniLink Zip Premium FHD 13 from The Chicago Lighthouse StoreMultimediaMagniLink Zip Premum HD13Foldable, portable video magnifier with a 13.3" monitor with...Order MagniLink Zip Premum HD13 from The Chicago Lighthouse StoreMultimediaMattingly SMART Portable Video MagnifierPortable video magnifier with a magnification range of 2x to...www.mattinglylowvision.com/MaxPortable, handheld digital video magnifier that connects to ...www.enhancedvision.com/ www.nanopac.com/MaxLupeColor portable video magnifier with a magnification range of...www.lssproducts.com/MerlinFull-color, auto-focus video magnification system with optio...www.aroga.com/Merlin EliteDesktop video magnifier that features a high-definition Sony...www.nanopac.com/ www.beyondsight.com/Merlin Elite HD/OCRHigh-performance desktop video magnifier, featuring a full H...www.enhancedvision.comMerlin Elite Pro HD/OCRHigh-performance desktop video magnifier, featuring a Full H...www.enhancedvision.comMerlin HD 22"Desktop electronic video magnifier that offers high definiti...www.nanopac.com www.beyondsight.com/Merlin LCDFlexible full-color, auto-focus desktop magnifier with 7 vie...http://www.ulva.com/Online-Store/MultimediaMerlin Ultra Full HDVideo magnifier with full high-definition camera, simple, ea...www.enhancedvision.comMezzo HDFoldable lightweight desktop electronic magnifier that offer...www.magnifyingaids.com/ http://shop.magnifyingamerica.com/MiniMaxSmall lightweight portable magnifier with a 2.8" TFT screen ...Mobilux DigitalMobile and portable, the handheld video magnifier with a 3.4...www.visual-techconnection.com/ www.magnifyingaids.com/Mobilux Touch HDPortable, handheld video magnifier with a 4.3" high-definiti...sales@boundlessat.comMonoMouseHand-held, black and white, grayscale mouse-style video magn...inquiries@bierleymagnifiers.comImageMonoMouse-MacHand-held, grayscale mouse-style video magnifier that connec...inquiries@bierleymagnifiers.comImageMonoMouse-RMHand-held, grayscale, reverse mode and enhanced mode mouse-s...inquiries@bierleymagnifiers.comImageMonoMouse-WinHand-held, grayscale mouse-style video magnifier that connec...inquiries@bierleymagnifiers.comImageONYXFoldable and lightweight portable video magnifier designed t...http://sales.freedomscientific.com/ONYX Deskset 17Portable video magnifier with a 3-in-1 flexible camera for r...http://sales.freedomscientific.com/ONYX PC EditionPortable video magnifier that combines the ONYX portable cam...http://www.freedomscientific.com/Products/OpalSmall, portable, hand-held video magnifier with a 4" screen ...http://www.mcssl.com/store/my-vision-aid/catalog/OPTi LiteDesktop video magnifier that connects to a desktop or laptop...https://magnificationresources.com/ www.maxiaids.com/OPTi VersoPortable video magnifier that offers distance magnification,...http://shop.magnificationresources.com/ www.maxiaids.com/OPTRON ProPortable video magnifier camera mounted on a modular swivel ...PearlPortable folding camera that connects to a PC and allows use...www.freedomscientific.com/ www.nanopac.com/Pebble 3.5 Portable Video MagnifierLightweight, handheld magnifier with 2x to 10x magnification...Pebble HDLightweight, portable video magnifier with a high-definition...Order Pebble HD from The Chicago Lighthouse StoreMultimediaPebble MiniLightweight, portable video magnifier with adjustable magnif...www.enhancedvision.com/ www.lssproducts.com/ www.visabilitystore.org/ www.sightconnection.com/PicoSmall, portable handheld magnifier that easily fits into a p...PortixPortable, foldable, and compact magnifier with a high resolu...PrestoPortable, desktop video magnifier with a 15" LCD monitor and...www.lssproducts.com/ www.floridareading.com/ www.magnifyingaids.com/Presto LitePortable, desktop video magnifier with a 15" diagonal Active...www.magnifyingaids.com/Prisma AFPortable auto-focus video magnifier with a magnification ran...www.maxiaids.com/ www.magnifyingaids.com/Prodigi Desktop 20"Desktop video magnifier with Touch and Tap controls and Diam...Order Prodigi Desktop 20" from The Chicago Lighthouse StoreProdigi Desktop 24"Desktop video magnifier with Touch and Tap controls and Diam...Order Prodigi Desktop 24" from The Chicago Lighthouse StoreProdigi Duo 20"Personal Vision Assistant with a 20" LCD screen that incorpo...Order Prodigi Duo 20" from The Chicago Lighthouse StoreProdigi Duo 24"Personal Vision Assistant with a 24" LCD screen that incorpo...Order Prodigi Duo 24" from The Chicago Lighthouse StoreProdigi TabletLightweight touchscreen 5" HD magnifier with a magnification...Order Prodigi Tablet from The Chicago Lighthouse StoreQuicklook ZoomHandheld, lightweight full-color, electronic magnifier with ...www.maxiaids.com/RUBYHandheld, pocket-sized video magnifier with a 4.3" full-colo...www.freedomscientific.com/Ruby XL HDPortable, handheld video magnifier with a 5-megapixel, auto-...www.freedomscientific.com/SceneEye-500Portable near/far desktop camera specifically designed for u...https://www.sightenhancement.com/products/sceneeye-500SelectDesktop video magnifier with a fully adjustable auto-focus c...www.visiontechnology.com/store/SelectUltraDesktop auto-focus video magnifier with a magnification rang...www.visiontechnology.com/store/Smartlux DigitalPortable video magnifier with a 5" LCD TFT display, 5x, 7x, ...Order Smartlux Digital from The Chicago Lighthouse StoreSmartview 360Desktop video magnifier magnifies with a 19" LCD monitor and...Order Smartview 360 from The Chicago Lighthouse StoreSmartView Synergy PI 23Desktop video magnifier with 23" LCD monitor and magnificati...http://www.magnifyingaids.com/Snow 4.3Lightweight handheld video magnifier with a large 4.3" wides...Order Snow 4.3 from The Chicago Lighthouse StoreSnow 7Lightweight handheld video magnifier with a 7" display with ...https://irie-at.com/product/snow-7-hd/MultimediaSynergy SI 22"Desktop video magnifier with 22" LCD monitor and magnificati...The PrismaPortable, foldable, lightweight video magnifier with magnifi...www.magnifyingaids.com/The TravellerPortable auto-focus video magnifier with a magnification ran...https://us.optelec.com/products/The ViewCompletely collapsible and portable tabletop video magnifica...www.visiontechnology.com/store/index.phpTOPAZ Desktop Video MagnifiersDesktop, auto-focus video magnifier with magnification level...http://sales.freedomscientific.com/TOPAZ XL HDHigh-definition desktop video magnifier that offers magnific...http://sales.freedomscientific.com/Topolino SmartPortable video magnifier that can be used in conjunction wit...https://www.rehabmart.com/product/topolino-smart-usb-camera-2589.htmlTVi ColorVideo magnifier that consists of a control box and a small t...https://magnificationresources.com/VEO HD CCTVVideo magnifier with full high-definition camera that can ma...VersaEasy-to-use electronic handheld video magnifier that can mag...www.rehabmart.com/VideoEye MillenniumVersatile and flexible video magnifier with a magnification ...VideoEye Millennium IIVersatile and flexible video magnifier with a magnification ...VideoEye PowerZoomVideoEye StandardUser-friendly and flexible video magnifier with a full-time ...VisioBook SPortable, foldable, video magnifier with a 12.5", 16:9 wide ...Order VisioBook S from The Chicago Lighthouse StoreImageZoom-TwixPortable, laptop-compatible scanner/reader, magnifier and fl...www.independentliving.com/ZoomExPortable scanner/reader that connects to a laptop computer a...http://shop.magnifyingamerica.com/


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